The materials that accompany any event are essential to delivering a 360 degree experience to your audience.

We offer a full design service across print and digital collateral to ensure your message is professionally delivered and consistent with your campaign, from invitations, presentation folders and brochures to press advertising and websites.


Attendees don’t just crave personalisation, they expect it. Digital signage in the venue will not only show the basics, like who is speaking, but also a deeper level of messaging that targets the needs of attendees. The software is able to collect data and act on it by showing targeted messaging. You can schedule and edit content dynamically that will reach your audiences as they pass by.


Banners are a high-impact, visually stimulating medium and by far one of the most flexible types of sign advertising available to promote your product or event. Banners can be produced on a range of materials depending on their function and longevity requirements. Our team at Dreamedia specialises in all signage for music festivals, concerts, sporting events and other events such as openings or product launches across Northern Territory.


A colourful and engaging stage backdrop is a simple yet effective way of enhancing your branding, styling and overall event experience. No event should go unbranded. Which is why Dreamedia developed a unique range of cost effective branding and styling solutions. We provide visually striking and flexible branded stage backdrop, perfect for all events.