Dreamedia can create dynamic multi-media content using the latest production techniques combined with the latest technology. Content can be presented into many formats including: pre-event teaser videos; event highlights videos; blogs and articles; still images; real-time social media marketing and podcasts. Our services can include reviewing and refining your existing content or producing new content for a fresh approach. It can also include creating one-off materials for a marketing event.


Lights, camera, action! Our specialist crew use top-of-the-range equipment to capture every moment of your event and turn it into the film of your dreams. It’s our mission to capture your event in the best light. You can trust our photographers to find those unique shots and unforgettable moments that make your event truly memorable. With a team of professional videographers and photographers, we are sure to impress!


Dreamedia provides affordable Video Editing & Post Production Services. We have years of video editing experience under our belt. Our knowledge, expertise and continuous hunger to learn new audiovisual processes enable us to be an exceptionally spirited video production company in Darwin as well as Northern Territory. We provide a range of services including video editing, filming (HD & 4K drone footage), as well as conversion between formats.


Dreamedia’s comprehensive social media services & Events Feed, is specialised for corporate events and helps event planners maximise the benefits of social media engagement. Event Feed allows you to capture your audience’s Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and displays them on screen for all to see. We give expert advice regarding your social media marketing.


Dreamedia Events can webcast your event, conference, auction or ceremony LIVE. Streaming allows you to tell your story as it happens, directly with the people who matter to you or your brand.

The immediacy of the content allows for a range of interactivity, including live chat with viewers, online interviews and increased engagement.


Event Apps allow event planners to share conference agenda ahead of the event, allow your guests to access profiles and bios of the key speakers at your seminar, make it easier for attendees to navigate to and around the venue and so much more. You can also ask your attendees questions, encourage discussion, promote brainstorming and receive instant feedback. We have in-house team of app developers, who can design & build apps specifically curated to your event.


Dreamedia can help you to host meetings & events conveniently and cost effectively through video conferencing to the audience from another location. We can beam a presenter into a live event with lifelike quality. The HD video and audio quality means the audience receive a professional presentation no matter where they are located around the globe. The biggest benefit of remote conferencing is that you can confidently invite speakers and presenters that cannot attend in person.